With the rise of downloads and the fall of complete albums at record stores there has been a push for artists to get their music out there as quickly as possible in a single by single format.  This definitely helps keep the band in their fans minds by giving them something new to listen too a lot more frequently.  Our friends Astronaut & The Trees have been using this technique pretty successfully.

Astronuat Trees

After the release of the distorted psychedelia of “The Bird” back in February the duo has returned for the next chapter in their catalog.  The newest song is “Vampire Kids”.  It is a hard alt rock track with melodic harmonies and an earnest vocal delivery that brings back memories of the dark sounds of bands like Joy Division or more recently Interpol.  It is put together very beautifully and yet pretty raw.  Again I am amazed that Astronaut & The Trees consists of only 2 members creating a full wall of sound.  Get on board the bandwagon now at:   http://www.astronautandthetrees.com/

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