It is very evident when music truly comes from the heart.  This type of music can resonate with listeners to connect with the songwriter on a deep level.  A recent discovery is such a songwriter.  Let us introduce you to Dan Mechem.

Soul Surprise

Hailing from Palm Springs, California Dan Mechem releases his music through the moniker of Soul Surprise.  The recording is done from spots in San Francisco and Miami as well as his analog retro recording studio in Venice Beach called Studio 4 West.  He got some big names to help out including producer Scott Storch, and drummer/producer Andy Kravitz.

The Soul Surprise project last month released a debut album entitled Ride With The Angels.  The 10 track record is along the singer songwriter vein with a Christian inflection.  The opening title track “Ride With The Angels” is a soft acoustic guitar song pushed forward by whispering sweet vocals.  There is a rising tide of build up on “The Sun” that gives off an anthemic feel that could fit along with songs by U@ or even classic Queen.  Soul Surprise stretches his creative muscles with “Nothing But A Cold Rain”.  It is an almost psychedelic track with its atmospheric sounds meshing with pretty piano melodies and deep grooves.  It all comes together quite nicely.  The beautiful sounds of “Emily” provide a truly heartfelt look into Dan Mechem’s soul and the feelings that go along with it.  Go enter this warm cozy world at:

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