There is something special about an artist that can deliver a full feeling in a song with just the use of an acoustic guitar and his voice.  It takes a true songwriter to be able to do this without the aid of any harmonies or studio tricks.  A great example is our recent find Ben Wadey.

Hailing from Manchester, England the singer songwriter calls himself purely acoustic.  His sound is much more rock-like than much of the sappy singer/songwriter music you have been accustomed to.  He pours all his energy into each track he puts out and seems to bleed on his guitar.

The latest single by Ben Wadey is “Sweet Devine”.  Right from the open he attacks the strings with a power that grabs the listener’s attention immediately.  The melodies will stick in your mind partnered with his vocal style that pours out with raw emotion and a full story that paints a picture where we all want to see ends up.  This is exactly what the sleepy genre needs.  Take a listen for yourself here:

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