It is just a fact that everyone, especially artists, will run into many obstacles and challenges in life.  How we react to these obstacles it what sets us apart.  The ability to push forward can feed off of itself and drive someone to become a huge success because of these challenges.  A great example is our new friend Ryan Dunlap.

Ryan Dunlap

The singer/songwriter from the town of Perrysburg, Ohio has dealt with his fair share and more.  The unexpected passing of his father at a young age motivated Ryan to turn his grief into strength as he focused on songwriting and completed his debut album Sometimes The Worlds Just Ugly back in 2011.  This success set him on a musical path.  Unfortunately challenges popped up again as Ryan started to lose his eyesight and underwent multiple operations in an attempt to save it.  Now 28 years old and fully blind in his right eye, the drive is back to right more music and share it with the world.

The result is his second full length album It Is What It Is.  The 14 track record is a testament to seeing the good things and people in the world even after devastating setbacks.  The opener “Till Tomorrow” is a feel good number with a fun melody that will have your toes tapping from the start.  On “Burned” Ryan brings in a full complement of sound to accompany his great storytelling style.  The song seems larger than life at times while still remaining heartfelt and earnest.  Ryan Dunlap’s ability to tell a story through song truly shines on “Empty Seat At The Bar”.  The slowed down track dives a little deeper into a blues country sound with lyrics that draw the listener into the story and a wish to see where it goes.  “The Great Wheel” brings the upbeat vibe back to the record with some interesting guitar riffs that smooth out over lyrics that are deep and tell of the unstoppable movement of time and getting older.  The album closes with the title track “It Is What It Is” which may be a hidden track, because it took some time to get started.  It is a stripped down song featuring just the touching voice of Ryan and his acoustic guitar.  It provides a feeling that he is performing this one just for you.

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