Kids take in much more than we ever realize at the time.  Being surrounded and exposed to diverse music as a child leads to a well balanced young adult who can choose to pursue the musical craft later because they already have the groundwork implanted in them.  A good example is our recent find Phresh.


The artist was born in the Bronx, NYC in 1989 as Kristene Walker.  Her mom brought her down to Atlanta at the age of seven.  Her uncles down there were the hot DJs of the time known as Supreme Sound.  Being introduced to their legendary music collection gave Phresh the start that she needed to start writing music by the age of 11.  The love of a wide array of musical genres has helped develop her sound into an original style for the hip hop genre.  She hit the ground running and has been sharing her style at the clubs and on compilation records with other area artists.  Now hooked up with Street Roc Music Phresh is on her way.

The debut mixtape Loud Silence was released on April 30th.  The 11 track record sets the basis for the Phresh sound along with some help from her Street Roc labelmates.  You know you are in for something different from the “Intro” with its mellow piano sound and Phresh’s sultry spoken word piece.  The tempo picks up on “Mercy” with some exotic samples paired with an impressive flow that attacks the mind.  This will make you think.  The high speed flows continue on “Poppin” with the help of Stiff tha Godz.  The energetic vocals paired with the trippy and mellow beat makes for a good listen.  The smooth sounds are still there on “Play By Play” creating that dichotomy that will keep your head guessing.  The mixtape closes like it opens with a mellow piano beat on “Would It Bring Me”.  The up and down vocal delivery grabs attention while the beat relaxes your soul.  Take a listen to the full record for yourself at:

You can find Phresh on Social Media:

Twitter & IG: phresh_sr


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