Music is used in many ways.  Some of them are much more productive than others and music has been known to change lives and even save them.  We have covered one of those saved lives before in the person of Andy Oliver.

Andy Oliver

The folk/singer-songwriter from the UK turned to music in the second chapter of his life as a way to deal with, and somewhat escape, his battles with alcohol.  Andy Oliver has the bravery to pour his true troubles into his music and tell the stories of his past.  Sometimes it is dark but knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel makes it inspiring.

Now Andy Oliver has released the EP My Finest Hour as a rise from the ashes.  The short form record examines how he is not alone in struggles and now can observe life with a straight eye.  The opener “Ordinary Day” is an acoustic track where Andy fills the speakers with a full soundscape of emotion.  The title track “Finest Hour” uses an array of instruments to tell the story of reaching the best person you can be.  The mix is odd at times but seems to blend together in a strange cacophony by song’s end.  The mellowed out “Why God Why” is somewhat dark but eases the mind to let it all sink in with a relaxed feel.  On the album closer “Reasons” the prettiness truly comes out in the reverbed vocals and minimalistic melody.  This record is a deep listen that should be experienced by any open mind.

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