Baker Grace Sings You A “Lullaby”

New Jersey’s Baker Grace is taking on surviving head-on in the new pop track, “Lullaby.” Proving she’s soft on the outer shell, but a fighter below the surface, Grace’s delicate voice weaves together evocative lyrics that paint a clear picture of what is happening in her relationship. She sticks to the adage – don’t bore us, get to the chorus. “Lullaby” also includes Grace’s tongue-twisting vocal action – she draws out the lu-lu-lu- in “Lullaby” in a way that dials into something very cool, and very fun. 

Grace, who was born and raised in Weehawken, New Jersey, released her debut EP in 2015 under the name Bitter’s Kiss. The pop/alternative song collection might sound different in many ways to “Lullaby” but one thing that has stayed the same is Grace’s talents and the edge to keep pushing boundaries. She moves the ball forward – “Lullaby” might be a departure to her previous soundscapes in some ways, but really she’s elevated her already-rising star power. “Lullaby” expresses the desire to move forward, to continue to fight for one’s own sanity, and one’s own heart. 

Watch the video for “Lullaby” below

She literally sings about a battle and in many ways, that battle can be a whole wide range of viewpoints. Certainly what’s happening in the news right now is a battle. For many teenagers, fitting in and social media is a battle. Their minds can be like needles stuck on a record and not having the mindset (or the power to) to skip that needle to a new mantra. To some degree, no matter our age or station in life, there are battles that we face every day. Big and small. “Lullaby” stuck with me because of that idea. She not only copes with the idea that as humanity we’re always going to have things that knock us down or get us derailed, but she owns the idea. I found that very admirable. 

It’s also such a great song because it has a great hook. Grace sings as though she were made to front a pop band or even be the solo artist that she is. “Lullaby” is produced in a way that it feels both organic and electronic. I had to wonder what this song might sound like if Grace were singing solo in a corner piano bar, or even bustling on a busy street with a guitar. I think it would sound remarkably similar because her voice carries so much weight. The rhythmic movement in “Lullaby” has defining moments with its piano, as well as the bass and the percussion. They all take turns to really mold into the arena, and before you know it, it all feels completely airy and unique. 

Grounded in the truth and honesty that the world can be a bear to bear, “Lullaby” is reminiscent (in theme) to the Tears For Fears classic “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Some people want to drag you down and live in the past. Get up and learn from the past, but don’t stay there. Grace certainly does it her own way. 

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