I read an article recently about how your day job can be the best asset in your music career.  I agreed with this even before I read the article but it strengthened my beliefs.  But what about when your day job can actually directly benefit your music career.  That is the mother load.   Today I was introduced to a band where the member’s day jobs include marketing, branding, and graphic design.  This is the kind of band I would love to work with.  Let me introduce you to Banned From The Zoo.

The New York City based band (another bonus) is made up of five talented musicians who formed relatively recently but what they lack in band experience they make up for in knowledge of how to promote themselves.  They already have created a great band logo and even offer iPhone wallpapers on their website.  If you know anything about me, you know how much I love clever marketing techniques.

Banned From The Zoo has managed to release a 4 song demo that is very professionally recorded.  The first song ‘Fish Tacos’ sets the EP off to a great start introducing you to their clever lyrics and fun sound.  A got a taste of some old Barenaked Ladies music with this one.  They are not afraid to be different by having a ukulele up front and center and even add a harmonica solo to the track.  Fun song.  ‘Turn On Me’ is a sweet soulful track where Sanchez Stanfield uses his vocal capability to its max.  Sexy enough to make the ladies swoon.  The clever lyrics take the stage again in ‘Black Out Betty’.  A great storyline that keeps the listener intrigued even through the rap verse which flashed me back to a Bloodhound Gang song.

Bottom Line:  Banned From The Zoo is a young band with tons of potential both in their music and the ability to get that music heard by the masses.  Let Indie Band Guru be the first one to tell you about them.  Go to their great website now to enter their zoo:


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  1. Thanks for the great article. There’s so much talent out there that goes unheard. Creating access to talent by exploring resources to promote your band, your music and ultimately, your brand, is key.