We receive a constant stream of music to review here at Indie Band Guru.  Some of it is very polished and comes with a fancy professional artist biography so I can get the full story behind the music.  Others just send me a song with a 2 line bio.  The prior is what we prefer but the latter intrigues me if it is done right.  The latest example of the latter is BigBigGorilla.


The only information I could dig up about BigBigGorilla is that she is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY.  It looks like she finally got over her fear of singing in front of people after getting on stage at a karaoke bar at age 30.  Supposedly her family and long-time friends didn’t even know what her voice sounded like, until now.

The first original song by BigBigGorilla is the acapella ‘Don’t Remember Me’.  The vocals have a smoothness to them that seem to melt in the listener’s ears.  The simpleness of this track lets the lyrics creep into your head and bounce around for a while.  The more professional and exotic ‘Rabbits Foot’ was written with the help of Greg Ferreira.  The slow build again lets the vocals be the main focus but this time the added minor guitar chords build into a full fledged soundscape that could push this one into the pop genre.  BigBigGorilla’s voice has an utterly sexy and sultry sound that makes this writer want to be serenaded personally.  Please let me know when I can get my personal performance.  Everyone else can get a feel for what I feel at: https://www.facebook.com/bigbiggorilla

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