There is great music to be found all over this world of ours and thanks to the internet and social music websites this music is much easier to share and discover.  One place that is well known for its technically skilled musicians is Russia.  Now many of those talented musicians are finding success in the rock and pop genres.  A group that we recently found who fits this description is Just Agile.

Just Agile

The duo is composed of Evgenia Aknazarova on vocals and violin as well as Mike Federov on guitars and background vocals.  Both have been learning all their lives through Conservatory education, private lessons, and being part of the nightclub scene absorbing the energy and excitement.  The music of Just Agile is now reaching my ears and there seems to be some real potential here.

The first track I heard is ‘Easy Way’.  It is a staccato style pop rock song with influences of dance music prevalent.  Evgenia’s voice is the standout here with its ability to soar and sound sultry at the same time.  The only other English song I could get my ears on is the quite different ‘Prisoner Of Love’.  This is a dark song with a new wave feel reminiscent of the 80’s music of bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure.  The soundscape built in the background create a wall of noise that keeps the listener’s mind from wandering too far.  The lead vocals are provided by Mike here, as well as an interesting high pitched guitar solo.  I believe this would be the hit out of the two songs and hope to hear more like this from Just Agile in the near future.  You can keep up with the band at:

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