Many musicians are known to be activists in many needy causes after they have built up fame and fortune.  Sometimes I wonder if they are just trying to keep their name in the public’s mind by throwing around their money after the fact.  On the other hand, I occasionally come across an artist that is involved in charity early in their career, way before their fame can help in any way.  These are the people that are doing it for the right reasons.  Welcome to the world of Bodizepha.

Growing up in Woodstock, NY, Bodizepha learned at a young age to take a stand for what he believes in.  The talented rapper is now based in Miami where he continues to be active in causes that are dear to him such as the Florida Youth Orchestra which provides music education to underprivileged youngsters.  He has also seen the world from Haiti, South Africa, and Israel, to Jamaica, and all across Europe.  He was able to tune into the unique music of each country, while extracting new musical nuances to feed his own style.  Hip hop, electronic, dance hall reggae, and pop have fused into the unique Bodizepha brand.  He says “Most rappers rep their city or crew to the fullest, I represent the world and all the people in it. I speak universal truth, all religions could agree on. I am committed to making a real difference in the way people perceive themselves and the outside world.”

Bodizepha is now preparing to release his nine song album, Truth Seeker, which will be available, along with a separate book of lyrics on December 21st, 2012.  It is abundantly clear from the first track ‘Activism’ that he has soaked up all kinds of music to blend into his own.  His flow is strong and the words have real purpose.  It is easy to see why he refers to himself as a lyrical martial artist.  ‘Progressive Perspective’ is another good track where Bodizepha spits an enormous amount of quality rhymes over an old soul track with a sexy background vocal.  Each song of the album is unique with its different influences; in particular the spacey last track ‘American Dreaming’, not a background you would expect in a rap song.  It also amazes me how many lyrics he is able to squeeze into each song.

Bodizepha is a man with a lot to say and he has found a way to make you want to listen.  We recommend you take a listen for yourself at:

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  1. Laurie Schwartz

    I have the album and love the lyrics. He’s right on and speaks a universal truth. Can’t wait for the tour!