It is a sad that there are so many stories of young artists that find fame only to be sucked in by the whirlwind and led into drug and alcohol abuse.  This has ended many a promising musicians’ career.  There are the few dedicated souls that take this journey and are able to come out the other side using the experience as a muse and recreating a career.  This is similar to the story of JoneZen, who I came across today.

Chris Jones (aka JoneZen), has been around the music scene for a long while.  He started his career with the popular hip hop group Outta Control.  He has performed over 400 shows with his other groups Straight Jackitt, Sub-Stance, and Natural Union, along with his solo career.  He was gaining great recognition having music featured on Shade 45 and being invited as a guest performer at the Source Awards.  Fast forward through 7 years of hard touring and JonesZen had fallen on the hard partying lifestyle and found himself almost dead from alcohol abuse.  Luckily for him he had the strength to enter Rehab to get himself clean.  One of the pieces that got him through this time was his music.  He actually brought his studio with him and recorded 2 albums while sobering up.

During that time he also got the chance to work with producer/artist FamBody (Father MC) on his single ‘Buried By Six’ which landed him a record deal with Famous Records.  With his talented flow still intact and the strength to share his experiences, this could be JoneZen’s best music yet.

Going from Rehab to Record deal, JoneZen is proof that hard work, dedication, and never giving up pays off.  For more of his story and music go to:






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