One thing many artists have to realize in today’s music industry is that is not just about the music anymore.  With all the social media available and access to bands so easy, a true artist has to be a performer too.  Fans want a show and a story, not just an mp3 on a set of headphones.  One guy that gets it is our latest find, Andaone.

The multi-talented musician, dancer, producer & songwriter from Minneapolis, MN has found a way to combine all his attributes into one exciting package.  Obviously Prince comes to mind with the Minnesota background, but Andaone could also be compared to the music of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake or Beck.  The fact that he plays all the instruments on his album only adds to the professionalism of this star in the making.

New Move Records has just released Anaone’s album Computer Love.  The record is basically a dance party in a box.  The self-titled opener ‘Computer Love’ starts with a great beat that touches on new wave rock and funky 70’s sounds before diving into a full on pop song ready for the dance floor.  On ‘Dance Everybody’ Andaone also shows off his rap skills over another dance floor ready beat.  I told you he was multi-talented.   He delves into all kinds of sounds and shows off all his influences on other impressive tracks such as the reggaeton tinged ‘Kingston’ and the 70’s soul feel of ‘Workin Around The Clock’.

If you are ready to move your body, go give Andaone a listen for yourself at:


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