Some of the most innovative music out there happens after a band splits up and a musician is subtly forced to become a solo artist.  When left alone to play all the parts in their head they are required to expand their talent to other instruments as well as learning new recording techniques.  This may be the best thing to happen to the artist we discovered today.  Come join us in a listen to Brando Albers.

Brando Albers
At a young age Brando fell in love with music especially computer driven music and the ability to cut up songs and create loops to express his feelings.  As he got older he moved on to guitar and his love for music grew as he practiced faithfully, surpassing the talents of his friends.  As his friends moved on to other things Brando’s passion only grew.  This is where he was forced to learn different aspects of making music and his true introvert self truly found its calling.  Working from a small makeshift apartment studio he discovered that working alone is where he truly thrived.

His latest album is called Fading Away.  The 14 tracks came together over a four year period but Brando believes this to be his most honest album yet.  It is a dark electronic record that heavily relies on his computer music making skills.  Left alone with his synthesizer he explores elements of lo-fi psychedelia with a shoegaze specialty.  The album opens with the bouncy yet spooky ‘Future World’, a song that melds into your mind before Brando decides to warp it at the 3 minute mark with a crisscrossing stereo effect that really grabs your attention.  ‘Procrastinate’ is another song that grabs the listener with its haunting vocal chorus echoing “Ive got it all”.  The hairs on the back of your neck may straighten as you feel that you are not alone anymore.  The dark club song ‘Fall In Love’ features more vocal effects that creep me out in a good way.  This is a great album to listen to by yourself when you are comfortable enough to be alone without a care in the world.

Go take a listen to Brando Albers for yourself at:!

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