It takes some true inspiration for a songwriter to tie together all his ideas to complete an album.  Sometimes the artist can turn inside his own mind to spawn these song ideas and others need a full set of life changing experiences to stir the juices.  Our recent find Brandon Jeffries chose the latter route.

Brandon Jeffries

The songwriter and cover artist originally hails from Northeastern, North Carolina where he developed a gritty southern style that leans heavily on the pop genre.  Music always had a hold on Brandon Jeffries, from his early teen years fronting a band, that had some breaks and opened for some well known touring bands of the time, to having to work the dreaded “day job” to make ends meet.  It never let go and led to Brandon throwing everything aside and taking a journey around America looking for a direction.  He hitchhiked, backpacked, flew, and wandered through the many different, but vaguely familiar cities of the U.S. In his words “Ultimately, this project is a reflection of how I felt as I found myself, fully embracing the artist in me, while getting lost in the bustling foot traffic of NYC, or frozen in the biting wind of Pier 39 in San Fran. It’s funny how D.C., New York, Chicago, and Norfolk can be so vastly different and still feel like the same place. I find a lot of motivation in those areas.”

The result is his first self released solo EP entitled Future Classic.  The 6 track record of well produced songs shows how well inspiration can strike.  Straight from the opener “Follow The Leader” the listener is taken on a high energy pop ride with vocals that stand out.  He can slow it down a little as well on “Shoe Swayed Blues” where a mellower melody is partnered with earnest vocals that pour out feeling.  The rocking then steps up a notch with “Well Enough Alone” and its grinding guitars and anthem like chorus.  Great songwriting here.  The energy continues throughout to the album closer “Till Ya Get Enough” with more heavy guitar pushing forward while the lyrics are poured out at a frantic pace that may require multiple listens to fully take in.  

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