The art of producing beats is a tough one to master.  With the better technology and easy access to mixing and beat making software it seems that more and more people are trying to jump into the game.  Unfortunately this makes for a lot of subpar music out there but when you find that diamond in the rough it is only more satisfying.  Today’s satisfaction comes from GPISGP.


I admit the name threw me off a little as I tried to figure out how to say it but this lets the music speak for itself.  The producer from Detroit, Michigan has a unique style making every second count.  GPISGP has a bunch of projects in the fire now getting his name out there to the beat buying community.  His soundcloud page has been flooded with music recently, one track better than the next.

On “Make Me Laugh” he shows he can create a good melody with a hook that will stick in your head.  At times the song gets a little crowded with noises competing for the sonic space but winds down positively.  There is a more spacy feel to “Bury Your Visions” with an atmospheric sound creeping in the background as the beat pushes forward with a driving force.  The use of multiple production techniques shows that GPISGP can go in any direction that he sees fit.  We are excited to see who he hooks up with to get his music out there.  

Go take a listen and connect with GPISGP at: 

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