We all need to face the reality that while we start our music career we need a day job to keep the bills paid.  Even the most successful musicians did not wake up on their first day as an artist with a stream of income piling in from their music.  Finding a day job that won’t drain the life out of you and allows you the time to pursue your rock star dreams is key.  Our recent find E.T. seems to have found this sweet spot.


The bedroom producer also known as Elliot Telford hails from the Sacramento area of California.  To get the freedom to make music he works as a full-time yoga teacher.  This also allows him the mental freedom and imagination to come up with his unique version of electro-glitch-hop.  There are also touches of house and dubstep genres in his sound creating something that is totally E.T.  

The latest offerings from E.T. push the sound even further.  On “Venus” he creates an atmospheric background that is broken up by some aggressive tones to attack the mindset and keep the listener tuned in.  He dives even deeper into an avant-garde sound on “A World Apart”.  There are production techniques here that show some true talent.  Keep an eye on this up and coming producer at:





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