When you have a plan in your music career one of the most important things is to try to stick to it.  This creates success and positive traction even before any monetary success even seems possible.  This will keep a hard working artist going strong.  A good example is our friends from Astronaut And The Trees.  

Ma Belle

From the early days of their formation in a basement of a small restaurant in Clarkston, Washington to now almost halfway through their mission of releasing a full album one song at a time through Bandcamp.  Astronaut and The Trees has shown some diverse sounds from track to track seeming to draw in more fans with each song.  Last week they released “Ma Belle”.  This one is a raw rocker that has elements of punk and dark classic rock that brought ideas of old Ozzy to mind.  The grinding guitar and powerful drum fills along with the gravelly vocal is somewhat mesmerizing as it draws the listener in for a closer listen.  Head banging will be uncontrollable, accept it.  

Take a listen and download the song for yourself at:


Keep up with more from the band at:



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