When a pair of musicians is truly having fun in what they do it becomes abundantly obvious in their music.  This fun bleeds through the songs and is transferred effortlessly to the listener creating new fans at each listen.  Our friends from A&L are keeping it going with new music for us to hear.

The duo from Buffalo, New York has used their many years of experience in the music industry to combine to churn out songs full of pop appeal.  Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie have Grammy nominations on their resume through over 20 years of music industry experience.  Now their goal is to just have fun with the music and see people respond positively to what they are doing.  

The third single released from A&L is “Hot Mess”.   The upbeat pop-rock song is an instant classic with a super catchy melody and lyrics that will bring a chuckle and smile to your face.  Most people can relate to the characters they sing about in the local bar scene all too well.  This is music to have fun with and listen to over and over again.  An entertaining music video has already been made to accompany the track.  Enjoy it here:



Keep up with more news and music from A&L at: http://www.facebook.com/AandLmusic 

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