It may seem obvious but there is a huge link between music and visual art.  As technology advances and the attention span of people shrinks, an artist needs to attract potential fans through as many outlets as possible.  Our recent discovery SlimDali has a bunch of talents to make this happen.  

The artist from London, UK describes himself as not only multi-dimensional but extra-dimensional.  The surreal pop sound of SlimDali combines both art and electro pop to form something truly original.  There is a dance aspect as well to the music with its new wave influences from such early luminaries as Talking Heads, Japan, Metronomy and the Human League.  SlimDali is something that must be experienced with all of its visual and sonic glory.  Enjoy an example in his music video for “Pagan Chant”

In early December SlimDali will be releasing his 3rd EP to the world in the form of “The Clique”. The record consists of 3 tracks that will be accompanied by videos to further reveal his vision for the world.  The opener “Holes” creates a dark vibe that envelops the listener in an eerie world. The stereo effects will keep you guessing where the next sonic outburst will come from.  The more rocking “Hourglass And The Party Cat” adds more and more sound to the already crowded field that will temporarily warp your mind.  The 80’s new wave influence is heard in the vocals here.  The album concludes with “Disguise” and its bunch of conflicting melodies that grab attention and force multiple listens to take it all in.  This is a full experience of an EP.  Keep up with this and more from SlimDali at: 

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