The classic sounds of the guitar blues rock of the 1970’s never seems to go out of style.  More artists than you can count claim that time and genre as major influences on their modern music.  Sometimes the modern touches lose much of the classic vibe but bands like DownTown Mystic is keeping it classic and fresh.

The project is the alter ego of American Rocker, Robert Allen, whose passion for the “old school” sound borders on obsession.  The music that he listened to as a child never left his system and he now pumps out raw music that stays true to its roots.  DownTown Mystic has a way of creating a story while showing off his vintage pedigree from influences such as Buffalo Springfield, Eagles, and Rolling Stones.

The latest release by DownTown Mystic is the Soul’d Out digital single.  The record contains 3 songs that continue the style that has become all his own.  The title track “Soul’d Out” is a mellow rocker that draws the listener in close to the storytelling.  Emotion pours from this track.  “Brian Jones” turns up the energy with an homage to the troubled Rolling Stones member who lived the wild lifestyle that DownTown Mystic keeps alive in his music.  Enjoy the music video here:

The album closes with “Rise And Fall #2” which has a more new wave feel to it with an intriguing staccato guitar style that littered with sounds popping in and out of the fun mix.  Definitely an entertaining track to listen to.  Keep up with more from DownTown Mystic at: 

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