Music has progressed tremendously in the last decade.  Unfortunately this is not always for the better.  Much of pop music has become oversaturated with phony computer generated beats and auto tuned vocals that sound more like a robot than a real artist with some talent.  There are musicians out there though that do stay true to the basics and show real skills without the use of studio tricks for example our latest find Brittnee Belt.

Brittnee Belt

The Dallas, Texas local is a breath of fresh air the current pop music scene.  Do not get me wrong this is not an amateur artist.  Brittnee Belt’s sound is sugary and mainstream but emotional and real at the same time.  It is uptempo and gritty.  She is open to wearing her heart on her sleeve and writing personal songs that come from stories in her own life.  There is a variety of influences heard throughout Brittnee’s music from pop, singer-songwriter, and even new country.

Recently Brittnee Belt released her debut album Elemental Me.  The 11 track record is full of energy and charisma that she seems to have in spades.  The opener “Glamourous Life” is a wake up call right off the bat.  It is in the pop realm but could fit in with the pop punk rock scene just as easily.  On the title track “Elemental Me” her strong backing band shows off their exceptional skills as well.  This is not just pop princess music, this is a full band that straight up rocks.  They can also break it down like on “Secret Identity”.  Brittnee slows it down a little on this song which seems to come straight from the heart yet remains energetic enough to be an everyday listen.  The range of the band is showcased again on “Shadow” with its bouncy staccato piano line and lead guitar fills.  The vocals reach huge choruses too.  This is a pretty complete song.  Enter the world of Brittnee Belt for yourself at:

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