Many young friends are known to grow apart as their different influences lead them to different paths in life.  Musical tastes especially can change and grow separate over time and let friends drift apart into different scenes and friendships.  But what if these two longtime friends instead decided to combine their diverse backgrounds and opposite musical tastes to create something fresh and exotic.  This is the story of our latest find Junksista.


The duo hailing from Southern Germany is made up of electro addict and provocative songwriter Diana S. and superb guitarist and studio producer Boog.  Together the result is an eclectic mix of sonic craziness that is as shocking as it is memorable.  Diana is unafraid to fill the songs with sexually explicit lyrics and dark electro beats as Boog uses all the studio tricks at his disposal to create music that will make every listener feel almost dirty as they are forced to shake their ass.

Last month Junksista released their first official full-length album Bad Case Of Fabulous.   The record is quite the effort as it is truly a double album.  The first disc is a strong collection of the dark exotic electro that Junksista has created.  The second disc includes an abundance of remixed versions of these songs by some of best producers they could find.  Opening track “Never Be Your Bitch” opens the door slowly to the grimy soundscape that Junksista is about to explode in your face.  It touches the pop genre to welcome you in warmly.  The blips and bleeps of “Naked Wet Hot” put a computer spin on the shocking sexually charged vocals.  There is no innuendos here, everything is put in straight forward terms to make sure you get the point of what Diana wants.  Some old school dance music makes its way into the record with “All You Can Eat”.  This is where the groove will start to enter your body and it will begin to move you uncontrollably.  The lead single of the album is the strong “Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)”.  The bouncy beat will keep the listener attached as the track builds to a trance inducing experience.  To truly experience it watch the music video below:

If you are ready for some sexually charged electro music find out more at:

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