Musicians can be a crazy lot.  We often like to try to get into the brain of talented artists to see what makes them tick.  We didn’t know what we were in for when we recently spoke with Cascade Riot.  Enjoy the words of the Detroit, Michigan punk rock band below:

Cascade Riot

– What jobs have you done other than being in the music industry?

Oh, so now we are in the “music industry”? Cool! Outside of music, Ryan works in an office and Adam & Al work in the restaurant business. We also beat up cartoon villains. Sometimes we are cartoon villains. It’s a crazy world.

– What memorable responses have you had to your bands music?

No one response really stands out above the others. In all honesty, we are appreciative of anyone who takes the time to listen to our stuff and are blown away by the fact that there are some people who actually like what we are doing. Although, we were once told that someone shadowboxed naked for 20 minutes to our songs. That one is pretty memorable.

– Whose work do you relate to most? Who inspires you? 

Everything & everyone.

– Do you have a vision for your work?

The vision is to keep going as long as possible. We have all been playing music since we were young kids. In fact, we even spent some time playing music together when we were young kids. When we were in High School we recorded an EP together under a different name. About two people heard it. We broke up and years later we got back together and formed Cascade Riot because we realized we all loved playing together.

– How do you think/want other people to respond to your music?  

It’s honestly something we don’t think about too much. To intellectualize this stuff too much really feels a little self-indulgent. In the end we just want to make good tunes that people like. If we can create any sort of enjoyment for anyone, we consider that a massive success.

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