There are many opportunities out there to get your music and/or remixes in front of people.  The internet is a great way to expose yourself to the masses.  There are tons of contests out there where you can gain access to influential people’s ears.  Make an impression on the right person and you never know what doors will open.

Kid Funk

We just came across Kid Funk and his talents while listening to entries in the JSQUAR3D – “Make Me Feel” competition hosted by @nudiscoyourdisco.  The 17 year old multi instrumentalist from Germany has been making music since he was 12.  Kid Funk’s favorite genres seem to be “Funk”, “NuDisco” and “Indie Dance”.  

This Make You Feel remix is extremely catchy and will have your head bopping up and down to the exotic sounds he throws at you.  Take a listen here:

Keep up with what is next from Kid Funk at: 

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