Now for something completely different.  You all know that I am a fan of great independent rock music but what most of you don’t know is that I also love classical and chamber music.  So what if both of these genres could be combined into one energetic style?  It has now happened with my new obsession Cello Fury.

Cello Fury

The group is made up of 3 energetic cellists and a drummer.  They write original music that combines the symphony sounds of the cello with driving rock beats to create a progressive rock sound like nothing you have heard before.  Cello Fury’s unique style has a certain appeal to all sorts of audiences allowing them to perform everywhere from concert halls to rock clubs.  Cellists Simon Cummings, Ben Muñoz and Nicole Myers do not just sit quietly behind their instruments.  They provide an active visual performance throwing their long hair around as they pick and strum their tools of musical energy.

This month Cello Fury will release their sophomore album of original music, Symphony of Shadows to awaiting audiences.  The 15 song album is a trip to another world.  This is not just some random collection of tracks, there is a concept to the album that is felt even without the use of lyrics.  The opener ‘The Fury’ begins the record with a bang of energy not usually related to the cello.  The group shows off their classical talent on the mellower song ‘Nightfall’.  This is not just a show; these guys are experts with their instrument.  Other tracks such as ‘Revolution II The Attack’ and ‘Turmoil’ are filled with a vigor that will awaken the listener and stir their blood.  This record is perfect for the listener who needs a break from the mainstream pop of the radio and wants to experience something different and musically challenging.  Go feel this for yourself at:

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