CEO Fully Loaded’s “Round the Corner”

Fun and simple in every way that counts for something in music these days, CEO Fully Loaded’s “Round the Corner” is undeniably hip-hop at its very best. There are no mundane melodic props in this track – no plasticized harmonies, inarticulate verses, or pointless poeticisms that allude to someone else’s brand. In “Round the Corner,” CEO Fully Loaded gives him a slice of his artistry untethered to any trend or movement within the underground today, but rather than sounding like an outsider/rebel, he comes off rather unique and uncomplicated here. This is his latest single, and by all accounts is worthy of all the buzz it’s been stirring up lately. 

The beat in this track is as expressive as any of the verses are, if not a bit more in a couple of key junctures. As we get deeper into “Round the Corner,” the bitterness of the buoyant grooves builds enormous contrast with the sweet tone of the vocal, but the resulting discord doesn’t repel us from the hook. If anything, the exact opposite effect is achieved, and we’re allowed to experience a sharp, profoundly experimental style of hip-hop that hasn’t been introduced to the mainstream before now. It’s not world-changing, but this song is a breath of fresh air this season. 

“Round the Corner” could have benefited from a little more bass, but I can also understand why CEO Fully Loaded decided to keep bottom-end indulgences on the sidelines for this particular affair. Where I’m always open to a bit of bassline excess, especially in slick hip-hop like this, it makes sense for the honey-like vocal in this track to get a little more love than any component of the instrumentation does. CEO Fully Loaded wants us to hear him for who he is, sans bells and whistles, and he accomplished his mission quite handily if you ask me. 

As far as the lead vocal in “Round the Corner” is concerned, this artist doesn’t need to change a thing about his style moving forward. He doesn’t just rip through the chorus; he pours all of himself into the harmony and shreds through the synthesized melody in the foreground without even trying to. I can only imagine that his live performances would be even more intriguing to absorb, and with any luck (and more material on his end), we’ll be treated to a tour from CEO Fully Loaded before the 2020s get any further along than they already are.

As a critic, I can tell you that there aren’t many young rappers around right now that are showing off the kind of talent CEO Fully Loaded is in his new single. “Round the Corner” has the look and feel of a veteran offering minus all of the jaded consistencies that come with being four or five albums into your career. There’s still so much promise, and so much unknown potential for this songwriter to explore in the studio further, but after hearing this brand-new release, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot more quality music out of this guy in the months and years to come. 

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