One of the best and most important ways of becoming a better musician is to get out there and perform.  Putting in the practice in front of other people will give you the feedback needed to know what is working and what needs to be adjusted or cut out.  It is not always easy to get a continuous string of gigs in clubs and bars but there are other ways to get your music in front of potential fans ears.  A good example is our recent discovery Chancius.


A veteran of the New York music scene, Chancius (pronounced chance-is) honed his live performance skills busking in the NYC subway system to an ever changing stream of listeners.  He learned to take what worked and develop it into his signature sound.  Fans started building with an attraction to his memorable song lyrics and striking vocals.  Chancius also had the chance to develop more with his stint in the electro-rock band Automatic Duo and their tours of the east coast.

There is a meaning and story behind his music and now Chancius has released Bando, an indie rock/dream pop concept album with a sci-fi twist.  It aims to tell the story of one man’s journey beyond death and the ramifications of blending humanity with technology.  Right from the opener “Hold On” you know you are in for something different.  The title track “Bando” uses an assortment of seemingly simple sounds blended together to create a pretty piece with a minimalistic feel.  The haunting vocals push the track forward with emotion.  The most alt-rock radio ready song is the lead single “A Piece Of You Whenever I Go”.  The guitar melody repeats and kind of mesmerizes the listener to its raw sound.  Enjoy the music video here:

A wall of sound is built for “Big Wave” with noise coming at you from every angle and building into something epic sounding from the sum of its parts.  The closer “Thunderhead” brings an atmospheric mood to the album as a way to let the listener’s mind return to a relaxed state to soak in the full story that Bando was here to tell you.  Keep up with more from Chancius at:


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