This is not a collection of love songs.

Rather, Chords of Truth is a musical reminder of some basic life principals that will improve your life if you listen to and apply them. Jason Garriotte is more than just a folk singer.  How many EPs can you say that about?

The first track, “Tune Your Mind,” seems to be a musical version of the book “The Secret,” which instructs people to think the life they want into reality:

‘Tune your mind with reflection
Use your attention with intention
Imagine what it is you want
If you’re clear, it will appear’

Clearly, Jason is living by these principals, as demonstrated by the success of his music thus far, including multiple reviews, radio placements, and a national tour.

“Listen” challenges listeners to reject beliefs impressed by us by society, and find their own truth. “Moments” poses serious questions about religion and includes my favorite line of the EP: “I’ve found one universal truth is that/Between every thought/Are infinite possibilities.” “When I Was Wasted” is a sorrowful song looks at the sadder side of getting drunk.

“Pop or Soda” is a song about the everlasting debate as to what to call the popular sugar-sweetened carbonated beverage. It’s a great song topic, and the lyrics are clever, but I would be interested to hear them set to a more playful musical part, perhaps in a bluesy or jazzy place.

“What Life is About” features a fingerpicking guitar part which works well for Jason’s style of music. The lyrics are heartfelt and sweet: “Most people want a family to love/To choose a partner that will stay in spite of/The way we hurt each other /When there is no cause/At least forgiveness can give us some pause.”

After listening to Jason’s music and checking out his website (, which includes a detailed guide for independent musicians on how to get your music out using the internet, it’s clear that Jason is a really nice, genuine person, someone you’d want to meet over a beer (or a pop/soda?) and have a long conversation about life with.

No doubt, this conversation would lift your spirit and inspire you to think and live more intentionally, like the Chords of Truth EP.

Jason is running a video contest now as well offering real cash prizes.  Check it out at:


-review by Casey Dinkin
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