My usual weekend search of music to relax my tired body to discovered some very interesting music today.  Please let me introduce you to the experience that is Drop Electric.  My best guess would be to classify them as an experimental indie rock band with a full visual experience included.  The six member band hails from Washington DC and NYC, after meeting as students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  Drop Electric uses every talent of every member to create their inescapable wall of sound and video.

The band started their journey back in 2010 when they released Finding Color in the Ashes, but is really starting to hit their stride now after putting out the 4 song EP, Drop Electric Sampler Platter last month.  It is a haunting sonic experience reminiscent of Sigur Ros and Mogwai.  The slow buildup of ‘Empire Trashed’ lulls you in softly before pinning you to your seat with a percussive beat and moaning vocals that are hard to handle mentally.  The closer ‘Slick Willy’s Last Waltz’ is a downright frightening track with a stuttering sample, dark spoken word, and almost indescribable sounds emitting from instruments used in the bands own special way.

Drop Electric have headlining sets planned at DC’s Capitol Groove Fest this month and are headlining the Black Cat on August 3 for DC’s STPP Fest.  Drop Electric were also chosen to play the 9:30 Club this past November in honor of DC Week 2011.  All these selections are really a testament to the band’s amazing live show which is a combination of evocative music, unique vocals and narrative film.  Something that needs to be seen by every experimental music lover.

Watch the video for ‘Empire Trashed’ here to get an idea:

Bottom line: If you are ready for a full body and mind blowing experience get your ass to a Drop Electric show ASAP.  For now go visit them on the web at:



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