The rap game is one that many people enter at a young age.  The cost of entry is low as a young artist just needs a voice and some self confidence to get out there and show off his freestyle skills.  There is often a tough road to stick with it though as the haters tend to come out an attempt to break dreams.  Have the discipline to stick with your craft is one of the most important things in becoming a successful rapper.


Our recent find Christian Farrar has been going at it for a while and continues to push forward.  The rapper based on the outskirts of Atlanta has been performing since he was barely 14 years old.  In addition to rapping Christian has worked on his skills behind the scenes producing for some local artist.

He has put it all together and recently released his first full length solo mixtape in 4 years entitled Kaizen.  The 15 track record shows each side of Christian Farrar’s talent.  The opener “Addie” plays with a melodic soft beat that lets the flow stand out as the main element.  A nice hook is added to the chorus that will worm its way into your head.  There is much more experimentation on “O H 5” which seems to bring sounds at the listener from all angles.  It gets a little trippy at times with a mellow tone.  There is a darker tone on “Crunch Bars” with its grinding sound and the somewhat angry feel of the rap flow.  The build will take you places that you don’t truly understand.  “Drowning Flowers” borrows some old school funk soul sound to introduce a lively clamor of noise that will get the blood flowing.  The album closes with “Oh Well” and its haunting beat mixed with wordy verses telling a full story of fear and power.  There is a lot to this record.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

You can keep up Christian Farrar at:

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