We always like to check up on artists that we have reviewed and liked in the past to see where their career is taking them.  Many things can happen over a year and we have seen both good and bad.  Our friend Vitne has just released some new music that is quite a different take from some of his past songs.

The glam rocker from South Carolina and Norway has always had an 80’s edge to his sound with that in your face image that made close to a complete artist.  What he brought us today shows that he can touch all corners of the musical spectrum.  Just released on December 10th “Winter Love Song” is a phenomenal work of art from a truly talented musician.  The relaxed vibe may be a strange take on his past songs but Vitne’s soaring vocals help craft a truly beautiful song that could be on any Holiday playlist.  He even throws in an epic guitar solo to show that he is still the same rocker.  Great piece of work.  Enjoy it below:

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