Clara Zimm Breaks Through With Debut Single

Clara Zimm is a name you’ll be hearing more and more of. This NY girl took time to escape to LA to hone in on her craft and has returned to the east coast hell-bent on achieving her dreams. Ready to break-through into the music industry in 2020, Clara dropped her stunning debut single “Down The Drain” in February.

“Down The Drain” is an impeccable go at a debut single, showcasing Clara’s incredibly powerful and promising voice flawlessly. This single is sultry, leaving you hanging onto every word that comes from Clara’s mouth. Her voice demands your attention and the passion she presents throughout “Down The Drain” makes this single stand-out.

Instrumentals start out sparce, letting Clara’s message break through before anything else. The melancholy tune perfectly summates the tumultuous emotions involved with a break-up. You can feel her shedding the weight of the memory of an old-lover as she washes him ‘down the drain.’ The beat begins to pick up and with that the disgust and anger comes through.

“The past, the past. Don’t wanna rehash, but I can’t seem to shake off my shame. Still feel disgust cause your skin has touched, my body and my brain.”

There is just no denying that Clara Zimm is going to be a super-star. “Down The Drain” showcases a well-rounded, powerful artist with a story to tell. I, for one, hopes that there is much more to come from this breakthrough artist.

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