Colin Clyne Talks About Heartache With His New Single ‘Within Hindsight’

Colin Clyne

Colin Clyne has always impressed with his songwriting talents, even from his early works. His sound has gone through a transformation over that time, but his way with words has always stood out. His talent was showcased during his Songs From The Cold Store EP, also on his albums Doricanna and The Never Ending Pageant. From these, he has switched from an edgy alt-rock vibe to a blend of country and Celtic folk. During this period, he has created outstanding moments with songs such as “Tailgunner”, “Dance with Her”, “Make Your Own Man”, “Top of the Mountain”, and “The Never Ending Pageant”.

Personally, his best work has been over the last year. His singles “Where the Ships Go To Die” and “You Can’t Wish A Good Guy Away” highlight an evolution to his songwriting. Their overall sound and production feel more confident, compared to those which came before it. It is as if Clyne has found his stride with his music. Something which is within his vocals too. Don’t worry, as the high calibre of his lyrics is still there to admire.

Now to the present day, Clyne returns with his new single, “Within Hindsight”. A song he says “is a tale of loss, regret and hindsight, be it in love, death or a self-departure from who we felt we were. Based around the symbol of public benches, more so than ever over the last year, I’ve seen so many benches ablaze with flowers and messages to loved ones lost”.

As Clyne has mentioned, it is a song about emotion. As soon as it begins, it is clear that this is a moment to feel as much as hear. He sets the tone with some beautiful use of keys and gentle use of his guitar. Then, his heartbreaking tale begins with the lines, “Today I passed our special place / A broken bench beside the sea / I always try to trace your face / In the clouds that always follow me”. 

The combination of music, vocals and lyrics create so much heart within the song. It is as if there is a personal meaning behind this release. Part of this is due to the honest and soulful tone within his voice. It adds so much emotion to his words, making the moment more compelling. Nothing highlights this more than the delivery of the song’s title, “Within Hindsight”.

If that is not enough, the song impresses further as it arrives at the bridge. Joining Clyne are some string instruments that enhance its emotional tone. Together they deliver the lines “Pass me the bottle, let me drink upon the cliffs / Above the town that killed our smile / I need to feel the wind upon my teary cheeks / Let me drink down this hurt for a while” with maximum effect.

Colin Clyne’s new single ‘Within Hindsight’ is heartbreaking storytelling that has a beauty to it.

“Within Hindsight” is a beautiful song that highlights how far his music has come. The heart within his writing and vocal delivery help create one of his best performances. Maybe his best. But, Colin Clyne is not stopping there. Not only is he working on a new album, but he also has some other projects in the pipeline. It is an exciting time for this talented artist.

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