Collegians Tell Us Of Their Path To A ‘Black Mass’


Music is made to create connections. It can form the path for an artist to reach into the listener’s mind to be exactly what is needed. Not every path will be the same but a good song will have the ability to become different things to different people. This seems to be exactly what our latest find the Collegians are trying to do with their fast-growing audience.


The 4-piece band hails from Melbourne, Australia. Collegians is made up of Glenn Patrick (Singer), Gerry Leigh (Guitars), James Leigh (Bass, Keys), and Vince Leigh (Drums). Together they form an electro alt-rock sound that is large enough to fill an arena. Inspirations can be heard in such luminaries as Muse, Linkin Park, Garbage, and Depeche Mode.



Last month Collegians released their latest single “Black Mass”. The 4-minute track has an anti-establishment energy that grabs the listener right from the first notes. The electronic soundscape creates a dark vibe that overtakes you. Glenn Patrick’s vocals sit in that fine space between gravelly and soaring. It is quite intoxicating.


Every member of Collegians puts their all into this one creating a sonic landscape that keeps the listener intrigued and in tune. Once the chorus grabs you, it finds a space in your brain that will be repeating itself long after the song is over.


We caught up with the Collegians to how it all came together and how “Black Mass” came together. Read the interview below:


How did the name Collegians come about?

The Leigh brothers’ father suggested it to Gerry when he was fourteen and starting his first band but Gerry rejected it. We thought it was a good sounding name and because of its history and the important role the Leigh brothers’ father played in their musical development it felt right.


How would you describe your sound to someone who has not heard your music before?

A blend of indie rock pop and electronica.


How does the band go about creating their music? Is there a specific process for your songwriting?

Every member of the band writes and produces their own demos, then presents songs to the band. The band as a collective decides which songs are right, then precede to re-produce the track or play around with it in a live situation.


Your new single “Black Mass” is truly impressive. What is the story, or message behind it?

It’s trying to get at the heart of the effects of mass media on the general populace. It’s a sort of requiem to free thought.


What advice would you give to other hard-working bands on the rise?

There’s no substitution for hard work and deep hope.


With both “Vaccine” and “Black Mass” gaining serious attention, can we expect even more exciting music in 2018, an EP, or Full album, perhaps?

We have a few more singles to release in the early part of 2018, then an EP, then a couple more singles and an album later in the year.


Speaking of 2018, What is up next for the Collegians?

We have a new single being released in February, then we’ll prepare for some live shows and more recording.


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