Valerie Fahren Will Find Plenty Of Love

As an artist herself, Valerie Fahren began her career in her teens when New York City radio began playing an original song by her band Gypsy.
As a vocal coach, Valerie works with beginners and young children all the way to established celebrities and working television/stage/studio performers. Her artist development courses have resulted in many of her students booking television shows, films, and secured recording contracts while on her programs.

With a new single out, entitled “Say You Love Me” she enters a new phase in her career as a recording artist, and the sky is the limit.

Hear “Say You Love Me” by Valerie Fahren HERE 

When she started out as a teen it included New York theater in principle roles on Equity productions of Fiddler on the Roof, Carmen, and Three Penny Opera; recorded with The Wilson Sisters, Neil Diamond, Edgar Winter, and Chick Corea; and had her own songs recorded by many other artists, including David Arkenstone. And that’s enough to get an idea of how long she goes back and how young she started on her way to where she is now with this single that is everything it should be from such an artist, yet a major surprise to hear on top of it all. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s a gem in the making.

The song starts with her singing about how rough things can get, so you feel the mood before it get’s more lyrically serious. Then it goes into the struggles of any two strong-headed lovers, but she winds up taking control of the situation as it builds up to a smashing chorus with her demanding the truth she deserves. She goes through picking herself up off the floor and reducing more chances to win her over.

It might sound typical, but there’s a unique case of heartache and that is one of the reasons it stays in your head with each repeat. She goes from being a “puppet on a string” in the song to her audience being one.

The message is delivered with a youthful purity but in the wisest way possible, which must inspire her students too. It’s not like she gives a musical lesson as an artist herself, but it’s very structured in fantastic melody, which blindly inspires any music lover.

She recently said she wrote “Say You Love Me” from the viewpoint of Adele, but wound up releasing it herself. Knowing that about the song, it’s no wonder it sounds so much like a song Adele would sing. But that turns out to be a great decision, as she does sing in the same range, but with her own signature stamped on it, which comes from lots of experience.

The Vocals Of Valerie Fahren Shine

I haven’t kept up with this class of singers and that is why I’m so impressed, but whatever it takes to wake up the masses, Valerie Fahren knows how to do it. There’s a few points in the song where bell tones manage to hypnotize like any good radio track does, which is a thing most any big hit contains, and I don’t know what instrument is used for that but it’s a mesmerizing touch that takes a true pro to master the art of including in any great song. And when you add everything else, it stacks up to the best of what today’s artist has to offer, especially in mainstream circles where it belongs.

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   -review by Jeff Turner  

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