The Dubstep music movement is still in its infancy but things are moving fast within it.  Yes there are many copycats spitting out the same basic noise as the originators such as Skrillex, but the new generation is now putting their own spin and mark on the scene.  The latest that we discovered is Convulsic.


The San Diego, California based artist first hit the scene in 2012 and hit the ground running gaining spins on internet and underground radio and fans quickly.  His music was also picked up for a publishing deal to get it out there even more.  The Convulsic style combines the electronic sound with intense beats and heavy bass.  The music stays uplifting though instead of drowning in a dark chasm.  Passion is poured into the music.

The latest release by Convulsic is the 3 song EP Love Space.  The opener “Strangers” plays games inside your head with sketchy beats bouncing back and forth creating a full sonic palette seemingly touching on all areas of music.  The title track “Love Space” creeps in with a relatively slow beat before the celestial sounds and female vocal samples come in turning it into a full on dance floor raver.  The closer “The Day You Left” again features vocal samples that bring a different level of sound to the genre.  The stuttering beat will keep your attention glued to see where the sog will go next.  You can keep up with the latest sounds of Convulsic at:

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