Music has been a savior in more than a few occurrences.  When a person turns away from a bad situation and wraps himself in the warm cozy blanket that is music there is a safety that surrounds them.  The select few turn this into even more by creating music to let out the feelings and frustrations bouncing around inside their head.  A recent example we came across is itsDICE.


Hailing from the gang plagued streets of the Los Angeles Harbor Area, itsDICE has come up with a unique sound to explain his upbringing.  The lyrics that he shares bring humility, pain, and amusement to the listener in an attempt to share his stories in an uplifting way.   There are issues of alcoholism, gang warfare, and manic depression spread throughout his songs.

Recently itsDICE released the single “There You Were (Falling)” as a preview to the upcoming Philosophy mixtape.  The slightly eerie backbeat makes for a good start as the focus should be on the storytelling lyrics.  The pain is heard throughout the song but there always seems to be a way for the hero to escape and reach a higher place.   Keep up with the impressive output of itsDICE at:


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