The world of old school R&B and Jazz was filled with band members jumping around from group to group sharing their style and talents with each other.  This was before the days when you could just send your digitally recorded parts over the internet.  Musicians actually got in the same room with each other and bounced ideas back and forth to come up with fresh music.  A flashback to that time is the group of John Daryl Blouin and Electric Black.

Electric Black

With over 40 years in the entertainment industry John Daryl Blouin has seen his share of collaborations.  His goal is to keep the old natural feel of the music without the use of modern studio techniques to distort that warm feel.  The latest single is the powerful “Pretty Momma”.  Some extra talent was brought in for this one such as Julius Carey on vocals and Larry Dunn, founding member of Earth, Wind, and Fire, on String Aarp Ensemble. The wall of sound and voices coming together makes for a complete spectrum of music.  The song is a warning not to give away your heart too freely and keeps the listener hanging on every lyric waiting to see the end result.  Keep up with John Daryl Bloutin and Electric Black at:


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