Music is not always made for the mainstream.  Some of the greatest music ever recorded will never be heard by the masses on popular radio.  When a song structure comes to an artist his only goal should be to perfect the song to his own liking and not to what he thinks will get him famous.  The band The Steersmen is on the right track.

The Steersmen

The psychedelic rock band from Chicago, Illinois writes music to the beat of their own drum, and that is what makes it fantastic.  Band members Frank Guihan (Vocals, guitar) and Kyle Engen (drums) have been recording together for the past two years refining a sound that borrows from such genres as alt rock, electronica, and progressive rock all mixed together in a psychedelic melting pot.  This is music for the open minded and those looking to expand their mind.

Recently The Steersmen released their debut album High Tech Low-Lifes.  The 11 track album is a mashup of sounds put together for the greater good.  From the slightly spooky melody of “Upper Gloom” to the exotic samples and beats of “Hold Tight”, all the bases are covered.  The energetic “You Have You Now” confuses your ears as you try to wrap your head around the interesting stereo mix.  The music is unpredictable.  The speedy “Unreasonable Man” offers a funk based rhythm thrown together with a wall of sound that washes over the listener.  We advise giving The Steersmen a listen when you have the time to lay back and let music take over your mind.  Find them at:

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