D.S. Bradford Seeking Participants for Video

D.S. Bradford

D.S. Bradford — rock musician, composer, visual artist, friend of IBG — is a busy man.

Earlier this year, after several years of writing, D.S. Bradford recorded a powerful, sprawling concept album, Elemental Evolution. It touches on themes of fatherhood, unity, understanding, and peace. He wrote all the parts, played all of the instruments, recorded, mixed, and mastered it all himself.

D.S. Bradford Doesn’t Stop

The album dropped last month to strong reviews — including our own — but Bradford hasn’t slowed down. The Boston native currently calls Philadelphia home, and he has been consistently putting on live shows in the area — including a large show last weekend at the historic Trocadero Theatre in downtown Philly, which marked the premier of new live guitarist Jon Sheairs.

And that’s not all. He’s also begun production work on his first music video, for “A Call to the Stars II: A Home in the Sky,” which closes the album. Like Elemental Evolution, D.S. Bradford plans to do most of the work himself — but, true to the themes of the record, he can’t do it all himself and his issued an open call for help.

In keeping with themes of unity and cooperation, Bradford is looking for as many volunteers as possible to contribute their creative voices. He’s looking for artistic handwritten snippets of lyrics from the song, as well as personal stories of peace, unity, love, and happiness. Volunteers already include notable musicians — Vino Alan of X-Factor fame and Josh Eppard, of Weerd Science and Coheed and Cambria have both already signed on.

This is a big project for D.S. Bradford, but he’s hoping to use it to make “a profound statement… an introspective look at who we are.” Do you want to help D.S. Bradford say his piece, or have something of your own to contribute? Let him know at info@dsbradford.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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