Omar Bowing Lets The “Creature” Out

Omar Bowing

The hard rock genre is one where many bands just aim to sound like the bands that came before them.  There is so much more to explore within that style.  Indie Band Guru has been keeping an eye on Omar Bowing and their innovative sound.  The band seems to grow with every song.

Having the good fortune of being based in Austin, Texas definitely helps Omar Bowing explore interesting ways to further their genre.  After all, the motto for Austin is “Stay Weird”.  This band is doing just that.  They describe their sound as progressive alternative but there is also a dark side to their powerful sound.  

Omar Bowing Keeps Exploring And Innovating

To make their music even more unique the lead instrument is a guitarviol.  It is a handmade hybrid of a guitar and a bowed instrument that combines the best of both sounds.  There are even more sonic undertones in the music of Omar Bowing.  The band has spent time studying the effect sound waves have on the human body and add this element for an even deeper listening experience.

Now they are back with a visual element as well with the new track “Creature”



The song talks about the evil side we all have inside of us represented by the “creature”.  Some people control it and others let the creature to take over.  The music pounds ahead with exotic sounds coming in from everywhere to complete the full sonic experience in the mix.  The dark vibe of the track pairs well with the theme of the lyrics.  The video adds another layer by telling the story and not allowing the watcher/listener to look away.  

There is more to come from Omar Bowing and we, for one, are looking forward to it.  Follow the band on their WEBSITE.

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