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Omar Bowing Can Not Be “Restrained”

The powerful and exotic sounds of Omar Bowing are back. The band remains one of our favorite places to turn for innovative music. Any listener will question the mainstream sound when they see what can be done within a group like Omar Bowing. The band from Austin, Texas is not exactly easy to pin a

Omar Bowing Takes Us To A Musical Utopia

As any rock band can tell you, keep on developing or die!  For the independent artist there is no slowing down or time off.  You must keep the pedal to the metal writing songs and getting them out into the world for the public to eat them up.  Our friends from Omar Bowing have been

Omar Bowing Lets The “Creature” Out

The hard rock genre is one where many bands just aim to sound like the bands that came before them.  There is so much more to explore within that style.  Indie Band Guru has been keeping an eye on Omar Bowing and their innovative sound.  The band seems to grow with every song. Having the