Omar Bowing Can Not Be “Restrained”

Omar Bowing

The powerful and exotic sounds of Omar Bowing are back. The band remains one of our favorite places to turn for innovative music. Any listener will question the mainstream sound when they see what can be done within a group like Omar Bowing.

The band from Austin, Texas is not exactly easy to pin a genre on. There is undeniably a hard rock feel but it is so much more. In Omar Bowing we get progressive rock, experimental, alternative rock, and almost heavy metal at times. This is what draws the fans to them always guessing what the tone of the next song will be.

Omar Bowing keeps redefining the hard rock experimental genre

Probably the most innovative piece of the puzzle is the lead songwriter Omar Bowing’s use of a guitarviol. The combination of a guitar and violin is truly unique and creates a sound very rarely heard in rock music. It adds a layer of experimentation to the band’s hard rock sound.



The newest single by Omar Bowing is “Restrained.” The dark rock energy dives right in getting the blood pumping. The song talks about decisions and consequences. Bowing says “We get restrained somewhere by our decisions, for good things or for bad ones, regardless of action or passiveness.”  

On this one there is no guitar track. The guitarviol and bass provide the entire string section. The soundscape is punctuated by powerful pounding drums that speed up throughout the track. Some aggressive screams by Tyson Yen add another layer of power here. You will be left trying to catch your breath when the 3 and a half minute track comes to an end.

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