Omar Bowing Takes Us To A Musical Utopia

Omar Bowing Sonos

As any rock band can tell you, keep on developing or die!  For the independent artist there is no slowing down or time off.  You must keep the pedal to the metal writing songs and getting them out into the world for the public to eat them up.  Our friends from Omar Bowing have been consistently churning out innovative music keeping their fans coming back and eager for more.  

The progressive alternative rock band from Austin, Texas has been at the forefront of the scene experimenting with sound in ways that few bands are able to.  The band consists of Omar Bowing as lead songwriter on and the guitar/guitarviol, Tyson Yen at vocals, Martin Motnik on Bass Guitar and Tim Horsley at the drums.  Together they bring songs to life that blend the harder rock and experimental genres into one cohesive and original sound.



The new single is called “Sonus Republic”.  It speaks of creating a modern music driven utopia.  Wouldn’t that be a cool place to prosper.  Right from the start the melodic instrumentation shows the talent that Omar Bowing has.  The sounds meld together into a catharsis of energy that will pump the blood of any listener.  The attack doesn’t stop once it grabs you.  

Every Member Of Omar Bowing Shares Their Style

The vocals of Tyson Yen pour out emotion even when anger seems to be the emotion.  He finds a way to hit all ends of the spectrum.  Everyone gets a chance to feature their unique instrument.  Together Omar Bowing is able to feature a wide variety of musical influences into this one song.  That little repeating riff will be in your head for quite a while.  Even hard rock can be catchy!

Keep tabs on Omar Bowing on their new WEBSITE.

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