A band that is looking to build up a fanbase quick needs to get out there and play memorable shows and get the crowd up and moving to their songs.  Setting a party atmosphere at your gigs is a great way to do this.  Make it an experience not just a listening party.  A good example of how to do it right is the band Damien Gunn + The Bang Bangs.

Damien Gunn

The Kansas City, Missouri based group creates an fun mix of country and hard rock that gets the heart pumping and ass shaking.  The band is made up of Damien Gunn on bass and lead vocals, Tommy Ranaghan on guitar and Aaron Doyle on drums.  If you are looking for old school country turn the page now.  Damien Gunn + The Bang Bangs keeps the party going from when they first hit the stage till the time the lights go out.  All the pieces fit together from bass grooves to ripping guitars to vocal harmonies to craft a fun ride no matter how you listen to it.

The latest record by Damien Gunn is Rowdy Y’all.  The 10 song album is the epitome of a good time on a record.  Right from the opening title track “Rowdy Y’all” and its in your face energy you know the party has begun.  There is the groove filled “Get Over It” that has the feel of a raw rock song.  DG + The BBs remind you it is country based though with a well placed country guitar solo.  These guys know how to use their instruments.  The band can slow it down as well as in “Chic In A Truck” which starts mellow and builds to a rockin’ love song that we all hope we can relate to one day.  Damien Gunn + The Bang Bangs tackle some tough subjects too as on “Rage (P.T.S.D.)”.  They can take the party and show some true depth throughout.  Enjoy the party and the meaning at: http://damiengunnmusic.com/

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