Anyone who pursues a career in will run into setbacks and roadblocks.  The test of a true artist is their ability to overcome these obstacles and push forward with their musical creations.  For those that put in the hard work and have the drive things seem to always work out right in the end.  We recently discovered the truly driven group Daniel Sketches Isobella.

Daniel sketches isobella

The duo based in New York City is made up of Daniel Lee Morris (vocalist/lyrics) and Isobella Caroline Boucher (composer/back up vocalist).  The Daniel Sketches Isobella sound is a quite experimental mix of electronica, funk, dance, rock, alternative.  For the last 4 years Isobella has been composing and trying new techniques to create an innovative style of music that is very different from what is out there right now.  This collaboration with Daniel has opened up even more territory to explore as the pair aims to always be creating something different.

We had a chance to listen to some of their recent songs and were taken aback by the originality.  On “Was It All A Lie” there is a dark and somewhat eerie vibe that runs throughout the atmosphere while Daniel’s vocals seems like he is in a place yearning to escape.  The sounds come at you from all angles shocking yet keeping your attention fixed.  The cacophony of “Big Money, Big Dreams” with its sweet melody giving way to a mash of different sounds and the vocal delivery that resonates emotion.  There is a more pop friendly tone to “Never Leave Me Alone” which gives way at times to somewhat random sounds overtaking the sonic space.  David Sketches Isobella creates music for open and imaginative minds.  If you feel you have one of those minds please listen at:

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