Songwriting is a craft just like any other artform.  The only way to get better at any art is to do it as much as possible.  As a musician and writer you must dive in and work the skill and repeat.  Instead of trying to write the perfect song, write as many as possible to gain knowledge with each one.  Our recent find GoldenB seems to truly understand this.


The up and coming hip hop artist and producer is now based in Vancouver, Canada.  GoldenB ended up moving there to attend the Pacific Audio Visual Institute.  He focused on sound engineering and graduated at the top of his class.  Using what was learned GoldenB began producing instrumentals and adding lyrics as a hobby.  It sooned turned into his lifestyle and he completed over 200 new songs in just over a year and a half.  The skills were growing and he started getting a lot of attention.

Plans are in the works for a sophomore album entitled Development 2 due to be released on datpiff with Hip Hop TXL on July 1st.  We had a chance to hear one of the featured tracks called “Timeless”.  It is a culmination of what can be accomplished with a driven desire to create.  The sounds seem to come at you from every angle as GoldenB flows effortlessly is his unique way. The production is top notch as it keeps your attention through all the twists and turns.  Enter GoldenB’s world at:

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