Great music can come from the hotspots of NYC, Los Angeles, and Nashville but there are plenty of other towns that can pump out some memorable sounds.  It seems like some of these small towns were destined for this.  Let us introduce you to Against The Clocks.

Against The Clocks

The 5-piece band hails from a small town in Indiana called Rockville, yes ROCKville!  When Jon, Brock, Jonathan, Jordan, and Logan were united by fate there was bound to be some epic rock sounds.  Against The Clocks churns out a mesmerizing style that brings back the rock genres of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s with their own warm touch.  The boys are getting noticed have been getting out there on short tours and have a summer full of festival appearances lined up to get their music in front of new fans.

Recently Against The Clocks released their third EP called 47872.  That is actually the zipcode of their hometown ROCKville, Indiana.  The opening track “Not With You” sets the tone with its soft yet earnest lyrical harmonies and smooth guitar melding well with the simple drumbeat.  On “Top Floor” a pretty piano drives the melody creating a big sound without the attack of other instruments to fill the sound space.  There is a rising climax that makes the song have an arena-sized feel.  The closer “Catch Me Now” is a little more experimental with exotic sounds and some fancy bass work taking the forefront.  There is a somewhat dark tone to this one that makes the listener lean in and take notice.  These guys will be breaking way beyond the walls of Rockville very soon.  Get a head start at:

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