The music industry and scene in general has changed drastically through the years.  For a group of young hard working musicians it can get overwhelming at times but once the joy of creating music has taken hold there is no turning back.  Years may pass but the music never leaves your soul.  The story of World Color can relate to this well.

World Color

The pair of  Brian Jones and Maury Haymore grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and began playing music together back in their teenage days.  After pursuing their careers through the Washington, DC punk scene and the NYC underground they hooked up with Evan Richey.  Some success followed with multiple developmental deals and finally settling with Time Square Records.  The passing of time has shaped the group and they are now known as World Color as they are producing “new traditional music” in a North Carolina studio.

We had a chance to hear some of the new stuff by World Color and see what time can do.  The first track “OK Cupid” is a strong start that features a full wall of sound behind earnestly sung lyrics.  The build up draws any listener into the song.  The boys slow it down a little for “These Moments” and share tender thoughts in a ballad-esque format.  There is love and emotion exuding all over this track.  On the last track “Into My Heart” true songwriting talent comes through with sweet harmonies and a catchy melody sucking you in.  There are elements of sound from throughout their long careers coming into play.  Keep up with the story and more music at:

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